Wedding Favor Rundown!

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We are talking our favorite wedding favors today! There are sooo many options so we narrowed them down into the five categories we typically see. But before deciding on that small gesture of appreciation there are a few things to take into consideration! You want to consider the theme/feel of your wedding, your guests, and the climate/destination of your wedding location. Those are just a few but don’t get stressed, the possibilities are endless!

Category #1: The Functional

The favors that you see in this group are items that your guest will take home use again and again.


Clockwise from top left: An adorable personalized candle from lulusugar. Who doesn’t want things smelling nice? // Customized glasses from Bargain Mugs. This is a popular favor because it is so easily customizable and your loved ones will drink from it always remembering your special day! // Functional favors that are a part of the décor are a win-win. We love this wedding on Bridal Musings where the couple incorporated pashminas as a sash on the chairs and as the favor! If your wedding/reception is indoors/outdoors in a cool climate, blankets rock. // Koozies, like the glasses, can be customized and everyone will appreciate them even more if you include a yummy beverage.

Category #2: The Edible

This ranges from the jams, to the caramel apples, to the cookies and so on. No one complains about receiving even more free food…

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Clockwise from top left: Syrup, like jam, will last. This makes for an adorable and lasting edible favor that your traveling guests can enjoy when they get home. {Photo via: Colin Cowie Weddings} // Personalized stamped cookies are so cute I don’t think I could eat them! {Photo via: Brides} // Tin cans with cinnamon rolls inside?? Yes please. Portable baked goods always win. {Photo via: Piewacket and Surf and Shine} // Coffee favors are one of my favorites. Companies like Kaldi’s and Perc make it easy for you to give a cool gift that everyone is likely to enjoy. {Photo via: Green Wedding Shoes}

Category #3: The Keepsake

All of the cute trinkets and mementos your loved ones will look at through the years and remember the great time they had at your wedding.


Clockwise from top left: Personalized stone coasters from Kate Aspen. // Adorable bicycle bottle openers from Wedding Favor Discount. // Wedding soundtrack. So sweet… USB flash drives are also an option. {Photo via:} // We love how this bride made ceramic ornament favors that also served as place holders! {Photo via: Boho Weddings}

Category #4: The Fun

The items that fall into this category have no rhyme or reason. It may simply be that as a couple you two have a quirk that your loved ones laugh about or that the entire theme or your wedding reflects the playful personality of you both. Whatever it is we love the originality and freedom that comes with giving out this type of favor!


Clockwise from top left: Loved how this couple on Green Wedding Shoes stayed true to their style and taste. Their use of thrifted and vintage mugs as a favor complimented their entire wedding! // Personalized wedding pins are perfect if you’re looking for something simple and inexpensive. {Find similar on Beau Coup} // The most classic… booze. The options for this are endless and it’s likely everyone would be pleased. {Photo via: The Knot} // Socks… a little weird I know, but I could see the cutest set up for something like this. {Photo via: Rock n Roll Bride}

Category #5: The Greenery

We are all about the florals… so you could say we have a special place in our hearts for this one. We love putting together succulent and air plant favors. But this category also includes saplings, bouquets, and seed packages. Weddings with earthy tones and rustic themes pair well with favors in this category.


Clockwise from top left: Love these painted bell cup air planters from Lovely Indeed. // Have a favorite flower? Get a bouquet for everyone to take home and enjoy the bliss of your wedding for a few more days. {Photo via: Heavenly Blooms} // We can’t handle the cuteness of these mini succulents + their adorable holders. This would work great for any wedding with a modern minimalist theme. {Photo via: Industrial Republic} // Add a name and you have a place holder too! {Photo via: Frolic}

We hope narrowing down the directions you can take for favor options helps!

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