5 With-it & Wonderfully Winsome Backdrops

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Ruffled - photo by http://www.fotosbyjeff.com/ - http://ruffledblog.com/dorey-park-va-wedding/Lots of W’s but wow… ceremony backdrops have the ability to tie together your entire wedding! We have been exploring all types of popular backdrops and these are the 5 categories we are loving.

1) Macramé:

This festival/boho wedding trend is big and with it we’ve seen inspiration from all things eclectic and offbeat. Included in this is the use of Macramé for the perfect backdrop detail. In all forms, styles, and colors, we love the free-spirited charm it can add to a wedding.

Ruffled - photo by http://www.fotosbyjeff.com/ - http://ruffledblog.com/dorey-park-va-wedding/

{Photo Via–Ruffled}


{Photo Via–Lunss}

2: Floral Wall: These guys are popping up in all kinds of variations. From full on floral walls, to entire backdrops made of succulents (our personal favorite) it looks like this option could be manipulated to fit any couple. Although, we know floral on this scale can get pricey… There are other choices for materials! Paper flower walls look just as nice and can be more expressive.


{Photo Via–Weddingomania}


{Photo Via– Green Wedding Shoes}

3: Geometric Pop: Probably the most fun of the 5, this one made me spend a good hour on Pinterest admiring how couples have incorporated their own unique style. We love the combination of colors and geometric shapes. It can be executed in intricate ways that dazzle your guest or in a modern approach that uses minimal colored shapes. Either way, a backdrop like this is fun for everyone!


{Photo Via–Ruffled}


{Photo Via– Design Love Fest}

4: Bare greenery: So simple yet so beautiful… We love the simplicity of vines and ferns arranged perfectly on the wall to create a clean and polished aesthetic. We could definitely see this working for a modern, minimalist couple wanting to add the finishing detail to a bare wall.


{Photo Via– Green Wedding Shoes}


{Photo Via– Star Celebrity Dresses}

5: Overhead Draping: Draping is timeless, but we’re noticing a more eccentric take to the technique that includes variation in material width and placement. It changes the entire atmosphere and gives the ceremony’s environment a more ethereal feel.


{Photo Via–Green Wedding Shoes}


{Photo Via–Green Wedding Shoes}

We hope these inspired you to have that breathtaking backdrop that embodies everything you want your big day to be!


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